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About us

About Us

Focusing primarily on special needs children in developing countries, The Creator Share Foundation, provides a lifeline of hope to children living in deep suffering and crisis. These children, whom we call the invisible children, live lives of profound suffering. Aside from the struggles that good loving families are facing raising special needs children in developing nations. In homes without water, electricity or beds. There are tragically those children who face deep neglect, be it from economic distress of cultural superstition and neglect. We find many of our children locked away in dark rooms or tied up to keep them in one location. These children as you read this are alone, with no way to call out for help, no way to walk away, these little ones can live this way for many years until they either pass away or by grace our team finds them.

The Creator Share Foundation was established by our founder, John St. Julien. Our mission is a simple one: to spread love, healing, and faith to the most marginalized among our human story.


Our Journey

Our work is a work of faith. John followed blindly a sign from spirit to Tanzania in 2013. Not knowing why God had called him there, John started helping the many child laborers in the Kilimanjaro region. In time, John adopted a child whose family had all passed away from HIV/AIDS. That began our children's homes, family, and villages, and a home to hundreds of special needs children, street children and orphans from all walks of life.

Our Impact

Now in 2024, our international NGO, registered in Tanzania and carrying the same name, is the guardian of hundreds of special needs children living in crisis. We have built our own special needs children's village where they live, and are currently building what will be the world's largest children's village for special needs children living in crisis.

Our villages are staffed by many single mothers of special needs children, most of whom were homeless or living dreadful lives as servants, trying to find a way for themselves and their children to survive.

Expanding Our Reach

As the years progressed, we also began to help children who have been on the streets. With our home for street-involved children, we work tirelessly to bring these little ones into a family home and away from the horrors of the streets of Tanzania. Many of the children we welcome into our family have histories of rape, drug abuse, crime, and even murder. Children hooked on heroin as young as 10 years old. These children have been in the darkest corners of human society, and our home and creative arts school have brought them back into the light and love of our creator.


 Beyond Children

As time progressed, our founder, having spent his life around dogs, began to bring home strays. This escalated into a small animal rescue attached to the children's village. Today, The Creator Share Foundation now has Tanzania's largest domestic animal rescue shelter, and continues to welcome four-legged members into our family.H


 How You Can Help

All we do is made possible by our partners and those who find us through listening to John's talks on YouTube, word of mouth, or are sent by the same spirit that called our family and organization into existence these last 11 years.


Our Registrations

We are a UK registered charity (1169474), a US non-profit named The Creator Share Charity, and an international NGO registered in Tanzania mainland.

Join us in spreading love, healing, and faith to the most marginalized among us. Together, we can bring light to the darkest corners and give hope to the invisible children.

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