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Chances To Share

A chance to share with someone in need, from one human to another,

and actually see the difference that you make.

Yusufu's Medical Needs + New Start

Yusufu is 6 years old and was born with special needs. His mother is working hard to provide for all their family needs whilst being the fulltime carer for her son with special needs too. 
Together we hope to support Yusufu with his medical needs and help his mother to start a business which will share the gift of self-sustainability with the family.

Pamela's Wish For The Kipepeo Girls


Pamela is the matron of the Kipepeo Girls who find a home in Featherstale. She has now reached out to us to share her wish for the Girls: The Kipepeo Girls Home does not have a dining table or chairs other than plastic patio furniture. As a result, the girls tend to sit on the floor or veranda stairs when they eat so they can all be together, but they have also begun to do so for study after school.  

We hope to make Pamela's wish come true and share a comfortable place to eat, study and relax with the girls, and a table big enough that they all are together to do so.

Playground For Special Needs Children

Here is an opportunity to provide the children with much laughter and joy by contributing to our playground project. The kids now spend a significant amount of time waiting in line in order for a piece of equipment to free up so we are building them an additional playground to not only play on but many pieces of equipment to help develop their minds and brains!

How does it work?

  1. When a person in need here comes to us, and we have not the money or resources available to help that person or persons, we will document the problems they are facing.

  2. With that individual's permission, we will take photo’s and or video and put together an appeal.

  3. We will then directly share that person problem on our website and social media pages on the day/ or the following day, that they come to us for help.

  4. We will also share the solution to the problem. Be it medical care costs, housing costs etc.

  5. We will provide the chance for an individual or group of people to directly help that person, by sharing with them what is needed.

  6. We will finish the sharing by making a video of the person or persons helped, so they can directly explain the help they received and what it has meant to them and their lives.

  7. This can have an impact beyond comprehension… in a country where a £10 medical bill can cost a person their life, sharing can, does and will change the lives of your neighbors here in Tanzania.

Our hope is that this initiative will allow anyone, who may be feeling they are in a position to make a charitable donation, able to “share with a person” rather than just to give to a faceless charity pot.

 To see the face, and hear of the life and the problem a fellow human on this planet is facing right now…. and to offer some love and support, as if that person were in your home city, town, village or street even.

Sharing can, and does, change lives.

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