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Welcome to the ShareTanzania online shop, and thank you for paying us a visit. Our shop is here to serve many purposes, so we would like to take a moment to explain those if we may.


 First and foremost, as all we do is based on that which people share with the projects, and the children, families and animals they support, we wanted to ensure that there was a way for us to share something in return. This where the idea of having items related to the work we do here for sale online comes into play! Also, we always say Tanzania is a country of polarities, we see extreme hardship, but also extreme beauty. We wanted to share some of the most beautiful moments we capture here, by offering digital photographs to be used as wallpaper for your computer, to be printed or anything else you might like to use them for! 


 Also, the shop connects the skills and talents of local artists, and craftspeople and the skills of some of the older children who are living in our care. This provides a way for those we support to begin the first steps toward self-sustainability, and with it the dignity earning your own living brings.

 We hope you enjoy our shop and those items that have been created with love for you.

The work you see here is free to be used by those who purchase it, but also remember we are hoping to support more children in need by having the shop.  






We think that the minimum should be $5. This is simply due to the fact that postage costs are around 50/70cents, and the cards $1

The other issue is, that if someone only buys one postcard, someone must travel to town to post it. So it takes a bit of time, and costs for that too. The town is 30 mins away! 


 Minimum $5, 





Comic book


The comic we said a minimum of $1, but with an open contribution above that option also.




The same as the comic book we feel. 


(I find people will not chose the $1 in truth, but if they do, $1 can feed a family for day here, so its welcome! :))


God bless

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