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New Children's Home Fundraiser

In 2018 ShareTanzania has begun its biggest fundraising drive to date, and with it, our biggest construction project to date.
 Here at Featherstale children's village, we have over 50 special needs children in our care, all with varied differences, from Cerebral palsy, minor and severe to blindness and Aspergers, downs syndrome and many others in between. We also care for children with the HIV/AIDS virus here at Featherstale. 
With so many children now living with us, we have a very serious struggle with space. We simply don't have enough, and with more and more children appearing each week, we are growing fearful of those children we can not admit to our care, and for the quality of life of everyone here as we do admit emergency cases. If you take the time to read our Featherstale Children's village page you will understand the great difficulties and dangers and sadly often neglect, special needs children face whilst living in the poverty they do here in Tanzania.

To combat this, we have plans to build a new dedicated centre to house our children, and the many others who are waiting to move into Featherstale.
 The centre has in mind that the children will often be with us until they are adults, as there simply is nowhere for the children to go here. As such it has been designed to have a community feel to it, whereby residents have their own shared room, and our team rather than simply caring for the children, help them to live their own lives, in their own home. Rather than the children living in our care, they live at home, and we help them to do that as independently as possible.

The new building along with having bedrooms ensuite bathrooms in some rooms will also have a classroom, physio room, arts and crafts area, a large outdoor courtyard garden, and a large external veranda overlooking a petting farm with local farm animals. a dedicated communal dining area, laundry rooms and a kitchen. The building with have the capacity for 40 residents and is designed in a way that lends itself well to being extended with more bedrooms, as and when required. The design has also been created in stages, meaning as we are trying to fundraise the full cost, we can build the building in 4 stages, meaning the children who urgently need a place to live, can move in before we complete the whole home.

The whole building, as with our current homes must run completely on solar power due to our location, so this must be taken into account also.

Our quotation for the building, which with the out buildings, such as kitchen etc will have over 45 rooms in total, so it is not a small house by any measure!

Our goal is to raise $110,000 £85,000, which is huge asking for us, but one that is simply a necessity for these children, for without it, where can they live...

We have opened a dedicated fund raising page for the New Home, and it will keep track of all online, and offline donations. You can see that page by visiting this here .

If you feel like you can help with the project, we would very much love to hear from you, as in truth... we need all the help we can get to make this dream a reality for the children here.
Fundraising, donation or even just spreading the word, are all welcomed with as much gratitude as the last.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our new children's home, we now just hope that enough people share in our dream, and hopes for the children to make it a reality.

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