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2000 Strong 

2000 strong hopes to invite 2000 fundraisers to help us complete stage 1 of our new children's village, and with it help us to provide a safe and loving home for over 100 special needs children in crisis.

How does the fundraiser challenge work?

  • Every participant commits to raise a minimum of $25 a month for a period of 4 months - in other words, a total amount of $100 each.

  • With 2000 people united behind this goal, we will raise the needed $200,000 to finish our stage one construcuotn and open the homes with it.

  • As we own the land around the stage one construction area, we will also establish our farming and make the homes 70% food self-sufficient in the next 2 years.

  • Stage 1 will include the residential homes, a sensory and physiotherapy center for the children, and single-parent families of special needs children accommodation and a workshop for the children to learn craft skills.

  • Start Date: 01/09/2022

  • End Date: 01/01/2023

  • All fundraising should be submitted to the main page so everyone can easily keep a track on our target 
    This will become the show village that allows us to bring this solution across Africa and around the world, and we hope a truly sustainable solution will be born in the human story for children in desperate need of one.

For more details on the village, you can click this image.

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