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Share With A Street Involved Child

Your act of sharing helps to heal and transform the life of a child who has lived on the street. Providing them with the loving, secure and stable home a child who has lived on the streets requires.
All our sponsorships are in USD, as in multiple currencies we found with exchanges it was unfair as some sponsors might end up paying too much! You can, however, use our real-time currency converter to help you figure out what you are sharing with the children today...
Why Share with a street involved child?

Every child deserves the same chance to dream of a better future, and to pursue that dream with it.


At Angels Gate Centre for street involved children, we work to provide the best possible full-time care, and rehabilitation for children who have lived on the street.


More often than not, the children who come to live at Angels gate come from very traumatic backgrounds, so providing a safe and loving home, is a necessity on their road toward their dreams.



















What does your sponsorship do?

Supporting a street involved child, allows us to provide the full-time care the children need. Living together the children either have their own room, or share with one other child. Of course as with all children the costs we incur running Angels gate are for food, clothing, amenities, education and of course the odd treat like any other child.


Sponsorship allows us to provide a loving home for the children, with full time education or training, daily art activities, and counselling to assist with dealing with the traumas, and often addictions of the past.


As well as helping the child in our care with your sponsorship, you also do something very important with that, you help to make it possible for us to keep our doors open for another boy or girl, who needs a loving home.

Above all else, and in the simplest of terms, it provides a child who comes from a world of little to no hope, with a chance at having their own, and achieving their own dreams in life.


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