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Angels Gate

Center For Street Involved Children

Why The Center And Not The Children's Village?

Sadly many of the boys and girls have endured very difficult times living on the street, due to this the children living here need a little extra care and attention away from the other children.

Aside from the hunger, and lonely nights sleeping on the street, sadly many of the children become involved in drugs, and many are also abused and raped on the streets by the gangs of older men.

It is the story of one boy that made us decide upon opening the center in fact.

This particular child had endured such abuse and hardship that it is hard to repeat, but to understand why we must do what we do for these children, it also must be heard.

We had no funding to open such a center we might add, but after 3 days of prayer, and someone watching this video... a wonderful family from London reached out and shared enough with us to rent a house in the local town of Moshi...

How Do We Help The Boys?

With on-going counselling, home education, and school education and 24 hour access to our on-site “big brothers” and carers, we do our best to help the boys to heal, and move on from where they have been, both physically, and mentally.

We try a very new approach to Tanzania, using male care givers, instead of the typical women. We have found these “big brothers” as we call them, interact better with the boys, and the in return the boys open up in a better way too.
Some boys of course can’t manage at school after all they have faced, and so options for vocational training, or artistic pursuits are also a necessity for their fresh start in life.



















Who Are The Boys & Where Are Their Families?

With all our boys our social work team get straight to work tracking down their families and relatives. Sometimes families have missed their children in fact, and we can re unite them.

Other times the boys come from broken homes, or parents who have passed away. Quite often they flee home seeking a new life, even seeking employment to be able to pay for their school fees. However once the street gets a hold of boys, the cycle is hard to break.



Of course where possible we do our utmost to reunite the children with their families somehow, be it a relative, or parent. It can be a difficult process, but with some counselling it can be achieved, and in doing so provide a safe and loving home for those lucky enough to return to their loved ones and relations.


How To Help?

Naturally the Home has running costs. 24 hour staff, clothing, medical care, food, rent and of course the education of the children who live there.

To help with these costs we have both a direct donation facility, and a child sponsorship program too.

·      Share with one of our street involved children, and help us keep the door open for other children who need a loving home and somewhere safe to stay.

·      Share your support with the centre, of course we as ever rely heavily on others sharing with the centre to pay for things like rent, food, our 24 hour staffing and the day to day bills 42+ b0ys can bring! 


As with all we do, all our resources come from people who find us on social media, and feel moved to share with the children.

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