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Become Our Partner!

We invite you to join our family and partner with us to ensure that we can continue to serve the children in our care to the highest possible standard and keep our doors open for the children in severe crisis at the same time.​​​​​​​​​


Receive a Bronze Partnership certificate and monthly newsletter!


As little as $4 a week, just as much as a cup of coffee in the west, can change a child's life forever.


 Our 5 tier Partnership Program invites you to partner with a project of your choice on a regular basis. You will become a significant part of our family and will help to:

provide the best possible home for the children in our care

keep our doors open and provide emergency medical care with children in severe crisis

expand our projects to reach more children in need

You will receive a Partnership certificate, monthly newsletters and many more special updates.

 But most importantly: You will change lives forever!


We believe that the safety, care and love of the children most in need in this world is our common responsibility and we are constantly working to create innovative solutions for each child. 

 In our care we provide the children with their every day basic needs as well as access to full time education and vocational training, medical care, specified nutritional support, physio-, sensory- and occupational therapy. 
Children we meet in crisis are most often in need of immediate medical attention, sometimes emergency surgery, but most commonly they are in need of a loving and safe home. 

Together we can reach more children in crisis and expand the momentum of a nurturing safe haven build on the pillars of love, faith and sharing.

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