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Our Vision

Share Tanzania has a singular goal, that echoes on our vision for the future. To alleviate poverty and the suffering it brings to the children in rural Tanzania.

Our long-term goal is one of sustainability, and is driven by the dream of our founder and director John. To create a blue print for a self-supporting, self-replicating charity, that using the principles of permaculture, can turn the natural processes of mother earth into an industry that can support the children in our care, and also produce enough excess to be sold at market so provide salaries for carers, and medical care for the children, and with it further development of the community we have built this far. All the while creating minimal environmental impact, to the degree our presence here in time actually benefits the surrounding environment and ecosystems.

In achieving this for the children in our care, we hope to influence the guardians and families of the children we assist in the community to adopt the same thinking in part, and to learn how knowledge of farming can increase the stability of lives in the area. When 95% of people here rely on farming for their food supply, it is a must that children learn the latest principles of permaculture and ecology to ensure the greatest benefits and yields are had from what land they have. 

As we continue to grow, and house more children, creating a sustainable community, is key to all we do. One day we will know just how much it costs to set up a community, that can provide for itself, and expand with it, using nothing but the natural  and unlimited processes of mother earth to nourish and provide for it.

In time we can therefore have a blue print for all charities in developing countries, to make a change to the seeking constant donations for survival, to being able to approach the world with the concept of building a community, in which the children and other residents can be cared for and provided for from their own input, and not the constant hand-outs of others. Restoring dignity, restoring the environment and restoring hope.






















To date as this is written, over 1,000 Children are now being assisted with full-time education, medical care and all the other aspects of support we offer in the community also, and the fund is growing each week.


Lastly, we have over 78 rescue dogs at our animal shelter we built next to the children's village...


We differ from many other charities and NGO's when it comes to our values and structure.... Our management team, for instance, are all hard working people,  who view the children in our care as family, who share their time and lives with the common goal of bettering the quality of life for the children in and around Uchira.


Share Tanzania has its values set greatly in the magic of sharing. Too often we see people who give and move on, which is great and a perfect start! but we believe the world can only permanently end inequality, hunger, suffering and lack of education, housing and medical care... if we begin to learn as individuals to share the resources we have access too, as naturally as breathing say... To look each week at ourselves and say...


"Each week, can I share the cost of a cup of coffee, to give a child an education?" (That is all it costs to educate a child here!) and we find many people when faced with that question have simply said.... “yes! of course, I can!"


Share Tanzania is supported in the UK by our registered charity, The Creator Share Foundation/Share Tanzania 1169474, and is also registered  as a non-profit NGO in Tanzania NGO/1893.



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