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Share With A Special Needs Child

Your act of sharing helps to transform the life of a special needs child, and provides the loving and nurturing home, all children should have.
Why Share With A Special Needs Child?

As you can imagine or may know, caring for children with special needs can be a little more time consuming, and with it more expensive than most able-bodied children.
With a lot of hospital bills and specialist care needed, we naturally have a bit of a battle with 22 little ones in our care.


Sharing your support helps us to provide for the children we have here first and foremost, without people reaching out we simply would not be able to afford the staff, food and medical bills the children require. Nor could 2 of us care for 22 children alone I might add!
What sharing also does, though, is keep the door open for the next children who might need a safe and loving home, be they alone or with a single parent.
In a developing country like this, there is simply no support for the disabled community, and this is why we must keep striving to provide help for as many children as we can.


What Does It Cost & What Does It Pay For? 

With staff, medical care, food and all the other amenities that we must find for a children’s upbringing in life, we spend on average around £23/$30 a week on the basics for each of our children. We know for most people that it is a little expensive, so tend to suggest persons wanting to share their support with the children can share in the costs of sponsoring one of the children. As an example, maybe 2, 3 or 4 people might share a little each to help us provide a home and care for one of the children.

The children all have 24-hour care, targeted nutrition, and a very wonderful and loving team including an on-site physiotherapist to help with their exercises, and rehabilitation. We also have an occupational therapist, who assists in the development of the children, be it speech or sensory progression for those who are blind, and much more.






















Where Do Our Children Live?

All our special needs children live at our Eco children’s village, Feathers Tale. For more information about Feathers Tale please see the dedicated page on this website explaining all we do there.


Security Costs

Here at the children’s village where the children all live, we have had to take quite heavy security measures.

Sadly an ongoing religious practice with witch doctors lives here in Tanzania. More commonly known with the children who have albinism, witch doctor gangs target special needs children and albino children alike. Believing the children yield magical powers, or can if they are harmed or used in ceremonies. 


Children taken are never seen again sadly. We have a child the police brought to us called Nimzana, who was rescued from a kidnap attempt by the witch doctor gangs.

It is a serious issue and naturally, we have had to install panic buttons and have more night watchmen than most.


A UN report said that a child can fetch up to $50,000 if they have albinism. No research on special needs children has been published yet.

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