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Share With A Family

Your act of sharing helps to give a family in need a chance.




















Recently in a few situations, we have found it necessary to support some families in Uchira with basic needs. This at first glance goes against our views and ethics in some ways, as it is much preferred to provide sustainable income or employment to assist those in need. 


However, some families be it due to sickness, mental health, old age or just the down to the unavoidable harsh circumstances they have found themselves in, just can't provide for themselves today with basics of food, water and adequate shelter. 

The support is only ever a short-term plan, and we with the breathing space sponsorship allows, we begin the task of finding a long term and sustainable income and solution for the families in the program. Sometimes just finding a home for the homeless is all that is needed for family members to start finding work by themselves.


Sponsorship can come in 3 levels, namely as families differ in sizes and needs.



£23/$30 a month, can support a family of 4, and help them to get back on their feet as it were.


£31/$40 can support a family of 6 or a smaller family with persons with disabilities living at the home.


£46/$60 can support a larger family with all their needs, and help them to become self-sufficient, within a year or 2.


Restoring homes, restoring lives, restoring dignity. 

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