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Our History

Our history is a short one, but a big one with it!


John boarded a plane moved to Tanzania after feeling a spiritual calling from God to do so. He had never been here, thought of coming here, or even knew anything about the place!
John started with a beat up motorbike, a few thousand pounds in savings, and one member of staff Ali, who spoke very little English. Ali still works as a driver for Share Tanzania.



Uchira Childrens Fund began its life.. in the first year 111 children found full time support in the fund.

Kilimanjaro Animal Rescue also began its life, rescuing 20 dogs in the first year, and 3 baby hedgehogs!


January: The first child to come into our care arrived, and thus our doors opened as a children’s home.
John was still with a small team of just 4 staff at this point.
July: The first special needs child arrived, strapped to the back of her homeless mother asking for help. We began to build a small 2 room building after a fund raiser raised £2000 in the UK to do so.

(The community for single parents with special needs children was born, after a dream John had!)

By the end of the year 8 special needs children were living at the home, and 2 able bodied boys.

The fund had grown to a staggering 350 children in that year too!
and the animal rescue had grown to 30 dogs needing a home!



Things continued to grow at a tremendous rate.
May: Angels Gate rehabilitation centre for street involved children was opened, after meeting two boys in desperate need of healing, and a home.
(We had no money to open the centre on the Monday, after a week of praying hard, someone heard us as by the Friday we had gone from an empty bank account to renting an old 26 bedroom hostel!)


























August: 25 boys now lived in the centre!! New special needs children arrived, with and without parents.

By the end of the year, over 50 children were now in our full time care, 16 of which were disabled, only 3 had parents with them. We built 8 small houses on our land to cope with the new residents.
Angels Gate had 25 boys now in school, or training, and receiving counselling to help them heal from their traumatic pasts.

The children’s fund was supporting over 550 children!


Our staff grew to 32 people!!!

(We registered a new UK charity named The Creator Share Foundation/Share Tanzania, and hope to have everything under this name soon)



Angels Gate Music and Art School opens its doors and offers a place for healing and expression to children who have lived on the streets.


Esther's Home for mothers and daughters opens its doors! Single mothers with special needs children find a home, and helping hands here... 


We are supporting more than 1,000 children in the community, we now have more than 135 children living in our care, not to forget our 78 four legged family members! We are expanding every day. We have an amazingly dedicated team of 120 therapists, managers, care givers and many more sharing their love throughout each day with the children in our Homes... And we are blessed with the constant love and support from our international family who is making all of this possible! 

We have no plans of stopping! 

All done with a Facebook page and YouTube channel, and a lot of prayer! 

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step…”




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