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Share With A Rescue Puppy

Your act of sharing helps to support a rescue dog, with a loving home, medical care and food in their belly.
How does sharing with a rescue dog help?

-        Provides Housing

-        Provides Food

-        Provides Medical costs, as and when needed-        

-        Keeps the dogs safe from the very difficult life on the streets, including hunger, violence and                   diverse sicknesses such as rabies and parvo etc


-       Provides local families and individuals with income, by providing much-needed employment in            the area.

-       Shares knowledge about animal welfare with the community

-       teaches the children in the village the importance of a four-legged friend

-       and most importantly it shares the great gift of safe and loving home, where healing and care can           be found in abundance.





















Bronze adoption is £2.50 a week or £10 a month, this will feed and house a stray street dog/puppy each month.



Silver adoption is £3.00 a week £12 a month and will feed, house and provide basic vet bills for one of the pups/kittens cats/dogs!



Gold adoption is £4.50 a week, £18 a month; this will feed, house and provide basic veterinary costs for a pup/kitten Dog/cat. It will also provide food and veterinary costs for our street dog outreach and feeding program.



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