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About us

Our Founder John who is originally from the UK moved to Tanzania and took over the then failed NGO he had volunteered with, with a view to bringing it back to life and doing something about the children he had seen struggling and just could not forget.


Exactly one year later 111 Children had joined the fund. All of these children were sponsored by people from all over the world! Each child now receives full-time education, meals, clothing and access to medical care if and when needed. For those families and their children who were homeless, or living in substandard accommodation, the fund also began to provide housing in Uchira, both rented and purpose-built.


Many of the children in the fund were once child laborer's or about to begin a life of labour. So along with all of the above, most of our children regained their childhoods or were given a chance at their childhoods by preventing its loss, to begin with.



One year after that, and as more children from the fund lost loved ones, and guardians, and we could not find a foster home, we opened our doors as a children's home. That home turned into a Children's village, which had the addition of a home for street involved children in the local town

On top of this, we also began to do our part for the local dog population, and Kilimanjaro Animal Rescue shelter for dogs was born.


Now as of 2020, we provide full time care for 57 special needs children, and over 50 able-bodied children. Some of the children live with HIV, others with trauma and others with their own issues as we all have, but at least we are to the best of our ability togeher, and one big, all be it unusually structured, happy family.














To date as this is written, over 700 Children are now being assisted with full-time education, medical care and all the other aspects of support we offer in the community also, and the fund is growing each week.


Lastly, we have over 90 rescue dogs at our animal shelter we built next to the children's village...


We differ from many other charities and NGO's when it comes to our values and structure.... Our management team, for instance, are all full-time volunteers, who share their time and lives with the common goal of bettering the quality of life for the children in and around Uchira.


Share Tanzania has its values set greatly in the magic of sharing. Too often we see people who give and move on, which is great and a perfect start! but we believe the world can only permanently end inequality, hunger, suffering and lack of education, housing and medical care... if we begin to learn as individuals to share the resources we have access too, as naturally as breathing say... To look each week at ourselves and say...


Each week, can i share the cost of a cup of coffee, to give a child an education?" (That is all it costs to educate a child here!) and we find many people when faced with that question have simply said.... “yes! of course, I can!"


SHARETANZANIA is a project supported by our UK registered charity, The Creator Share Foundation/Sharetanzania 1169474, and is also registered  as a non-profit NGO in Tanzania NGO/1893.


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