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Keep a high risk child or family in the community safe!

COVID-19 is a challenge to the whole world, including Tanzania and some of the most vulnerable children and families.

Currently there is only one testing center in all Tanzania and even though there is a new rule about wearing masks when going to the market, most families can not afford the masks even. 

Most families live from "mouth to hand" and can not afford staying home to keep themselves as well as their loved ones safe. In addition there is poor medical care available, mass malnutrition, poverty and a very large immune compromised population. 

With our Corona Pandemic Outreach Program we are focusing on children and families that fall in the category of "high risk". Children with special needs, HIV effected families, families in severe poverty and elderly who are the main carer for their many grandchildren too.

The care packages include a basic food supply as well as hand sanitizer, face masks, gloves and antibacterial soaps.

Every child or family receiving a care package or safety kit is getting an educational health and safety training by our social work team too.

Together we can help these families through the challenging time of the pandemic and ensure the well-being of some of the most vulnerable children with it.

Thank you for reaching out across borders and for sharing your blessings in a time where the strength and love of our global family is needed more than ever!

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