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Keep the children in our care safe!

Most of the children living under our care are immunocompromised due to special needs, HIV and other condition.

In fact, one of the most common causes of death in children born with cerebral palsy is pneumonia, which is just like COVID-19 an infection of the lung. 


To keep the children living at Featherstale Children's Village, Angels Gate Home and Kipepeo House as safe as we can, all children are on lock down until the situation has stabilized in Tanzania.

Some of our amazing team members have volunteered to stay 24/7 with the children to avoid the rotation of shifts and with it minimize the amount of people entering the homes from outside. 

Hand washing stations have been built at each entrance of the homes, children and team members have been provided with face masks, sanitizer and antibacterial soaps.
The children are home schooled and spend a lot more creative time too... We have lots of beautiful handmade bracelets from the children at Angels Gate and Featherstale's garden has never been greener!


This is a very challenging time for Tanzania. With only one testing station in the whole country it is naturally extremely difficult to provide correct numbers of infection. Food prices has already risen, and whilst a bottle of hand sanitizer cost $1 before, it is now $5. 

We spend approx. $1,200 a week on food for all the children living under our care, as well as $300 a week just for medication for the children with special needs.

We hope to be able to stock up on essentials such as food and medication, as well as sanitizer, antibacterial soaps, face masks and gloves to ensure that the children are cared for during the time of the pandemic at all times. 

If the donations exceed the fundraising target, this simply means we can stock up for more than 1 month, which is definitely needed and a huge help too!

 We are aware that it is your love and support that makes every meal for every child in our care possible, and we are entirely grateful for everyone of you who makes these miracles happen in the children's lives.


Thank you for keeping the children safe with us! 

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