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Share With A Child In The Community

Your act of sharing as little as £3.00/$4.00 a week, can provide a child with much-needed education, medical care and nutritional support. Above all else, it gives a child a chance...


Meet some of the children in need of a little extra love and support below...

































Our Child Sponsorship program is set to US Dollars only, we found that if we had it in other currencies it was not fair as sometimes the exchange would change and a sponsor in one currency would pay less than the other! 
But above the sponsorship box below is a currency exchange, so you can see

real time exactly what the child sponsorship will cost you in your own currency!


















































Watch Doreen's Story to see how sponsoring a child can actually change a life! 













We offer 3 tiers for child sponsorship. All sponsorship no matter what the tier changes young lives in Tanzania beyond comprehension.


Sponsoring a child on all tiers provides:



  • Access to full-time education

  • Access to medical care as and when needed

  • Access to suitable nutrition

  • Clothing shoes and all school equipment



Silver (all of the above +)

  • Housing if required

  • Additional support, tuition- (Government schools we work with do their best, but with a lack of funding and equipment, many of our children have much better pass marks when they have access to smaller tuition classes on an evening and weekend)


Gold (all of the above +)

  • Income supplementation to avoid children having to labour outside of school

  • Amenities such as mattresses. (most of the children we help have only ever slept on the floor.)

  • Solar lanterns- (to be able to study in an evening.)

  • Specialised medical care if needed. (If a child is disabled for example.)
























Sharing as little as £3/$4 a week can provide a child with the things in life all children should have a birthright we feel.


·      Safe and secure access to full-time education

·      Access to medical care, as and when needed

·      Access to nutritional support, if, as and when needed

·      Housing if required

·     An escape from child labour (supplementing family income, or food supplies to ensure the children do not need to labour to help with the family needs)

·      Amenities, such  as a mattress to sleep on, and a solar light to do home-work with( Dependent on the sponsorship level)

·      Additional educational support such as tuition (Dependent on the sponsorship level)

·      A childhood filled with hope, and a chance at their dreams with it. 



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