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The Future:
Children's Village Masterplan


Our vision is to share a safe and loving Home, access to Physio- and Occupational Therapy, Medical Care, Music- and Art Therapy and Education with children and vulnerable adults born with special needs in Tanzania.

This blueprint for a Children's Village is multipliable in and around Tanzania to accommodate the needs of the children.


Our goal is to give every child and vulnerable adult born with special needs in Tanzania access to a safe environment where they can live and develop without stigmatization.

Our goal is to reach every special needs child that experiences crisis in Tanzania and improve their life quality to a standard where they not only survive, but also thrive.

4 Phases
  • Phase 1: The Children's Home


  • Phase 2: Single Parent And Adult Special Needs Homes


  • Phase 3: Therapy Center And Outreach Team


  • Phase 4: Permaculture Food Farm and Vocational Training Center

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Phase 1: The Children's Home

This blueprint for a special needs children's village has one purpose: To solve the hardship of life for children born with special needs.

The big Children's Home is set out to comfortably home 75 children with special needs. This Home can be multiplied when needed. The first phase is essential to start transforming lives.

Phase 2: Single Parent + Adult Special Needs Homes

Children with special needs far too often get separated from their parents. The Single Parent With Special Needs Child Homes will allow parents to live in a community where they support each other with the needs of their children. The children will have the essential loving bond with their parent whilst thriving in a safe environment that offers care and education to both, parent and child.

Once children with special needs grow into adulthood, they often face a life without purpose or education with no option of self sustainability.

The Adult Special Needs Homes will offer supported living to adults with special needs with access to medical care, education and employment opportunities around the Children's Village.


All Houses are self contained and will offer an independent living in a safe environment and a community with families and vulnerable children and adults that supports each other.

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Phase 3: Therapy Center And Outreach Team

The Therapy Center is going to be a key factor in providing the best possible care to children with special needs. Its only goal is to give the children space and the right care to focus on expanding their ability rather than their disability.

The Center will be open to the community too and will provide high standard care with a focus on Physiotherapy.

The Outreach Team from the Therapy Center will reach children with special needs living with their families in the community and with it we will aim to keep children with their families whenever possible - One of our highest goals.

The Therapy Center will contain:

  • Physiotherapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • High Standard Therapy Equipment

  • Music Therapy

  • Art Therapy

  • Medical Station With Doctor And Nurses

  • Library

  • Prayer Center

  • Animal Therapy (Guide Dogs For Blind Children)

  • Playground With Sensory Stimulation

  • Water Playground And Sandpit

  • Sports Area

  • Sensory Room

  • Silent Room

Phase 4: Permaculture Food Farm + Vocational Training Center
Permaculture Food Farm

With the increasing need for sustainability in the charity sector, Share Tanzania must align with the consensus of sustainability, for the security of our residents, operations and the surrounding environment with it. Moving

forwards there should be an exit strategy for the communities we support, to stop their reliance on charity, and replace it with self reliance, using mother nature as the industry to support the households involved.


Vocational Training Center

The children born with special needs deserve access to the best education available.

Our goal is to create a Vocational Training Center that teaches children with special needs skills matching their ability, and allows them to grow up to become valuable for the community they live in.


The Vocational Training Center will focus on the following professions/skills:

  • Bakery/ Home made treats

  • Crafts, woodwork, art

  • Tailoring workshop

  • Mechanical workshop (wood, metal, welding, furniture)

  • Small business (shop selling fruits, vegetables, basics of life)

  • Nursery/ day care for babies and children living in the community and babies of staff members

  • Music studio/ choir/ band

  • Permaculture/ gardening

  • Animal rescue and shelter (cows, goats, rabbits, chicken, dogs)

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Founder: John St Julien


Fundraising Manager: Fritzi Flora St Julien

Masterplan PDF Download


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